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   As most music lovers are aware, the web site YouTube, in addition to being a repository for light-hearted, humorous depictions of personal and pop culture celebrity activities is an amazing font of thousands of rare videos of the type artists we adults have long enjoyed. Many of us have been initially amazed at the sheer quantity and quality of these videos of the singers and instrumentalists, living and passed, that have been made available gratis to the world, via this site.


   Over the past few months, I have been able to upload just a few of the many videos of jazz vocalists I have, who are not well known by the general public, but have strong followings by devotees of this type music. A number of the more than 3,000 viewers of these four clips (as well as all three of the living artists involved) have relayed very appreciative messages to me for the following videos I’ve uploaded. They have encouraged me to upload others, which I will do, as time permits.


       - Trudi Mann 


       - Carol Sloane 


       - Ernestine Anderson


  - Teddi King 


    Following is a sampling of some of the many videos uploaded by others of artists I've particularly enjoyed. For many of these artists, there are other worthwhile clips available there, as well as excellent videos by hundreds of other fine artists:

  - Chris Connor

  - Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim

  - Freddy Cole

  - Giacomo Gates

  - Jimmy Witherspoon & Ben Webster

  - Joao Gilberto

  - Joe Williams & Count Basie

  - Johnny Hartman

  - Muddy Waters

  - Paula West

  - Rebecca Parris

        - Roseanna Vitro

       - Chris Connor - on Bethlehem and Atlantic

       - Colleen Pratt
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