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   In early 2006 my wife and I were invited to join another local Jazz society (Swingtime), which had been formed in 2003. We agreed since many of our friends from A Place For Jazz were also members of that organization, including a number of artists we enjoyed, such as Colleen Pratt, Peg and Bill Delaney, Lee Shaw and Sonny and Perley.

     I quickly became a fairly active member, starting with the first meeting in early April, 2006, where I agreed to a request to serve as Event Coordinator for the upcoming June 18, 2006 concert at the Stockade Inn.  This was my first time in such a role, planning, organizing and overseeing a concert. Fortunately, I received the excellent assistance of experienced members like secretary/web master Jerry Gordon, Beverly Elander and Tim Coakley, all of whom are also key members of APFJ.

     The concert featured my recommended choice of musicians, a quartet headed by saxophonist Erica Lindsay and pianist Francesca Tanksley, both of whom I had enjoyed for many years in the band of Hal Miller. We were able to publicize the event sufficiently in the poster we created to meet our attendance goal, despite numerous competing music events in the area.

    Subsequent to this event, my involvement with the organization has included additional publicity support (such as a poster for the Guilderland Library Jazz Appreciation Month display case), alternate venue analysis, commitee work on By-laws and serving as Co-Historian with Beverly Elander.

    I also served as Event Coordinator for another concert, that was very well-attended and warmly received on Jan 13, 2008 featuring my recommended band, the Albany Jazz Collective. Click on this SwingTime flyer for details.

    I feel the Swingtime organization very effectively complements the work of A Place For Jazz by staging concerts throughout the year which feature local and regional artists. Additionally, the pleasing opportunity to socialize with wonderful people in the meetings/parties is also appreciated.
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