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    The purpose of this webpage is to highlight some of the many excellent songs (Great American Songbook standards, Jazz classics & later R&B/Pop favorites from the 1960's onward) that the vocalists and instrumentalists I've enjoyed most have recorded. 

     Four different sources will be cited below to provide lists of these hundreds of songs, which many readers will be familiar with, from a wide variety of genres and platforms.

   - Jazzstandards.com website
      This a very comprehensive site that has done analytical
      research into over 1,000 songs to provide valuable detail
      information on the most recorded songs, including origin,
      most popular versions & in-depth technical explanations. 

    - The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks
       I chose this item because of all the several thousand      
       recordings I've acquired it's the most comprehensive
       and compelling treatment of the Great American Songbook.
       This 16-disk box set of the eight albums released from              1956-64, contains 252 stellar songs, by masters such as
       Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin          and George & Ira Gershwin

       - My Personal 60 Favorite Songs
           For whatever it's worth, these are the tunes I've
           I've enjoyed most & have grouped the numerous                      versions of each into individual playlists.

       - Jazz Instrumentals popularized with lyrics
          Several years ago I compiled a list of over 30 songs,
          composed & released initially as instrumentals, with
          lyrics later added. After posting this on the Songbirds
          website, an interesting thread of responses ensued
           leading to this current list of 46 tunes, which I'm
           sure is still very incomplete.

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