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     WBGO 88.3 FM- Newark, NJ

   I've been an avid listener and member of WBGO, the very popular PBS Jazz station in Newark, NJ for very many years. My favorite show there was "Singers Unlimited", hosted on Sunday mornings for many years by Michael Bourne. I made a decision in early 2004 to indulge in a longtime, once in a lifetime dream to co-host a one hour program segment playing some of my favorite vocalists, by making the required special donation to the station.

    Although I was very excited on the scheduled day, Nov 14 2004, I was initially a bit nervous. It was my first time on the air or even visiting a radio station. However, the combination of Michael's friendly open manner and hearing beloved familiar songs, quickly relaxed me, so that I thoroughly enjoyed what was a memorable experience.

   The music chosen is listed at WBGO Co-Hosting Songlist.


   Bill McCann, whom I had worked with for several years on the Advisory committee of our local Jazz society (A Place For Jazz), has hosted for over 20 years an excellent 4 hour weekly program – “Saturday Morning Jazz”.  In the Spring of 2005, he contacted me after reading a review of mine of a Sonny & Perley CD.  He asked if I’d like to come on his show with 4 hours of whichever CD’s I’d like to discuss & have others hear – to which I eagerly agreed.


    Bill’s vast knowledge, engaging humor and gracious requiring guests to do no more than comment on what they enjoy about the music has made my series of appearances very comfortable. I have also greatly appreciated this effective and fun opportunity to share music that is special to me with others, a number of whom call into the station. I look forward to future occasions of presenting musical favorites with Bill.


     Following is a list of these appearances, with the dates, themes, that can be clicked on to view the song lists:

        1) June 11, 2005 - "Legendary & Lesser known

        2)   Dec 10, 2005 – “Additional Legendary &
                                   lesser known favorites”


    3) July 8, 2006 – “Singing Instrumentalists  


    4)    Dec 11, 2006 – “Singing Pianists”

5) Feb 21, 2009 - "Downbeat Poll of Favorite
                          Jazz Vocal Recordings" 

6) Aug 28, 2010 - "Favorite Big Bands"

    7) May 21, 2011 - "Singers Deserving More

     8) June 23, 2012 - "Johnny Hartman Bio"

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