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   As noted in the web page describing him, Hal Miller has been an enormous help to me since re-locating to the Capital District in many ways. One of the most significant has proven to be a short trip in the Summer of 2001, he took me on upstairs in the same apartment building he lived in to meet one of his neighbors, Butch Conn, visionary founder and leader of A Place For Jazz (APFJ). 

    It didn’t take long for me to recognize that we were kindred spirits, with a passionate love for jazz and desire to support it and share it with others. Among the many ways that Butch, who sadly passed in 2005 was of so much help to me included:

 - Sharing so much experienced information and insight on local artists and venues

 - Serving as a helpful “sounding board” on possibilities to produce jazz events in the area

- Offering another outlet with the APFJ newsletter for my writing reviews and articles

- Inviting me to serve on the APFJ Advisory committee to recommend artists for the concerts

- Introducing me to many fine people who worked in the organization and later became good friends

    But above all else however, his most compelling and lasting assistance to me was simply serving as an unsurpassed role model, inspiring passionate fans like myself and others in APFJ. We all remain committed to supporting the community, by continuing to present world class musicians in a venue that is unsurpassed for listening and viewing.

   In recent years, I’ve greatly enjoyed working closely with other key members, like his successor, our President Tim Coakley by assisting him as Vice-president, serving on the Board of Directors & Publicity committees and continuing to write articles and reviews for the newsletter, as outlined in the Reviews web page.

  I spent six years as vice-president and board member (2007 - 2013) directly handling the grant application work to NYSCA, National Grid & the NYS Cultural Data project plus assisting on 4 others, organizational budgeting and planning, publicity, communications and various other ways to continue the growth and improvement of A Place For Jazz.

 I decided in July 2013 to retire from the board, in order to use the hundreds of hours I was putting in annually to once again engage in the other music activities described in this website. But I've remained in close contact with Tim Coakley & the other APFJ officers, as an information resource consultant, as well as continuing the aforementioned reviews and other publicity.

  I greatly enjoyed (and still do) all of this involvement with Tim and the others in APFJ; and deeply appreciate his very positive words when they arranged for me to receive in April 2014 the Jazz Journalists Assn "Local Jazz Hero" award.

    Some of the publicity documents I have prepared in the past or recently to help promote this wonderful organization, are listed below with links to displays, for possible future ideas, or back-up: 

       - 2011 Concert series poster
       - 2010 Concert series poster
       2009 Concert series poster
- 2008 Concert series poster  
- 2007 Concert series poster
       - 2006 Concert series poster
       - 2005 Concert series poster

       - 2009 - 2013 Concert Artists
 - 2004 - 2008 Concert Artists
       - 1987 - 2003 Concert Artists

       - 2007 Display-1 at Guilderland Library
       - 2007 Display-2 at Guilderland Library

       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - APFJ Intro
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Jazz Styles Presented
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Special Recognition Artists
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Grammy-nominated Artists
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Youth/Community Activities
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Marketing Outreach Activities
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Communication/Publicity
       - 2011 NYSCA Slide - Grants/In-Kind Support
       - Acclaimed APFJ Vocalists


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