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Web Site Mission - August 2007: 

1) Pay tribute to and share the work of passed artists and those keeping alive music's many glorious traditions. The primary focus is vocals of Jazz and Great American Songbook standards; but Jazz instrumentals, classic vocal group harmony, R&B and Soft Rock, among other types, are also included. 

     The eight banner photos at the top of each page are representative of many of the genres covered and the artists shown can be explored by clicking on the 8 BANNER ARTISTS web page. Also, one may click on the ADDL FAVORITES
 and INSTRUMENTALISTS web pages, for displays of additional artists and recordings. 

     The following web pages present related music information and opinions, based on the experiences of the Web Master:
        - 8 BANNER ARTISTS

        - SONGBIRDS
        - HAL MILLER
        - LIVE EVENTS
        - CD PLAYLISTS 
          - LINKS

2) Provide news of the music activities the webmaster engages in to support the music in the following web pages:
        - CD PRODUCING
        - A PLACE FOR JAZZ


Web Master Introduction:

I'm not a singer, instrumentalist, composer or any of the professions requiring a knowledge of music theory and technique. But like many other passionate fans, I've long had a burning passion for a number of music genres, based on countless hours of listening to recorded and live performances. This was initiated and fueled by seeing live in New York City, starting in the 1950's, virtually every major Jazz and R&B artist still performing.

   I’ve been very happily retired in Guilderland, NY since 2001, involved in an increasingly wide variety of volunteer activities to share this love of music and promote various artists - using the term "VOCAL TRADITIONS" to describe it on business cards.

   This has included writing online reviews for a number of web sites, preparing DVD presentations to various groups, co-hosting radio programs showcasing my favorite artists, serving as an Executive Producer and heavily supporting my local jazz societies
in a variety of ways. 

   Here's some recent additional information about me, as reported by my local Jazz society, A Place For Jazz, when they arranged for my receiving a 2014 local "Jazz Hero" award from the Jazz Journalists Association. And following is a brief description and photos of an award given to myself and two other music writers on April 12, 2015 by the Albany Musicians Union. I am also on Facebook.

   I can be contacted at

                                         Tom Pierce
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