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    In my six years here in the upstate New York Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga), I'd been very impressed with the live performances of Colleen Pratt, the most popular Jazz Singer for many years in the area, as well as those of the most celebrated large Jazz Ensemble here, the Empire Jazz Orchestra(EJO). 

    This band, which is conducted by Dr Bill Meckley, the music Director of Schenectady County Community College where the EJO has held outstanding semi-annual concerts for over 10 years with many special nationally celebrated guest soloists/arrangers, consists of many of the most respected jazz instrumentalists in the area. I also enjoyed greatly the several previous CD's distributed regionally by Ms Pratt as well as those of the EJO.

    I was therefore very pleased 3 years ago when both agreed to a CD project involving them, that I volunteered to serve as Executive producer of. My goal was simply to expose and promote to the international audience I felt they deserve, the talents of Ms Pratt, in a celebration of the wonderful music of the big band era, appropriately supported by the EJO and other outstanding soloists here. The CD ("I Thought About You"), which Colleen dedicated to her Mom, Helen Pratt, a former big band singer, was released in March, 2007.

   It has involved a great deal of time, effort and resources for all of us; but we're all very happy with the quality musical product that was created. It has been a very enjoyable, interesting, educational, but most of all for me, satisfying experience to be involved in (for the first time), the various non-music responsibilities required:

      - Planning & budgeting
      - Package layout drafting & product liner notes
      - Songs licensing arrangements
      - Vendor coordination for CD pressing & printing
      - Interface with CDBaby.com for distribution
      - Print & online publicity
      - Domestic & international radio play

    For more information on the CD, please access the following links:

      - CD description at CDBaby 
Colleen's web site
      - CD Review 

   I could not have performed the aforementioned Executive Producer functions on Colleen's CD without the invaluable post production experience and insight I gained from my singer-friend Roz Corral of New York, as a by-product of the involvement I had in 2003 with her wonderful CD, "Telling Tales". 
Additional information on this remarkable vocalist, who I've enjoyed live numerous times since 2000, is available by accessing her web site.



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