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    Although I’d enjoyed reading Jazz reviews in Downbeat, Jazz Times and other publications for many years, and was never shy about verbalizing my opinion on recordings and live performances, I never considered writing reviews myself. However with the additional time available in retirement, I found myself starting in Oct, 2000, writing my impressions of recordings and live events in emails to
SONGBIRDS. I did them partly because I appreciated all that I learned from the similar messages many other members also posted. 

   Although I frankly didn’t even consider them to be reviews, I received positive feedback from other passionate fans and music professionals. Those Songbirders outside New York and outside the U.S. who rarely had the opportunity to see most of these artists, were particularly grateful and interested in the detail descriptions of live performances. 


   From there it wasn’t a big step to make the reviews more widely available by submitting them to other web sites, such as Allaboutjazz.com and later Albanyjazz.com, as well as hard copy publications, such as the “A Place for Jazz Newsletter”. I never envisioned however, that it would lead to frequently writing so many in my first 14 years of retirement. 

   Subsequently, I learned that there are many Jazz lovers whose passion for the music leads them to volunteer substantial amounts of time to share their feelings by writing numerous reviews. 

   Following are links (in reverse chronological order) to those 80+ reviews and articles published other than on
Songbirds, whose archives are restricted to members; but a list of those approximately 150 reviews from 2000 to April 2009 is available at Reviews written to Songbirds  Subsequent reviews are listed at Reviews written to Songbirds 2009 - 2014.

   - Joe Barna & Sketches of Influence
   - "Favorite 2016 CD's"
   - Mark Kleinhaut - "Cross Country Lines"

   - Cliff Brucker - "Full Circle"
   - "Favorite 2015 CD's"
   - Chris Pasin - "Random Acts of Kindness"
   - Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble - "Circulation"
   - Arch Stanton Quartet
   - Tim Olsen - "Creature of Habit"
- "Favorite 2014 CD's"
 - Lee Shaw Quintet
   Bopitude W/Sharel Cassity
 - Jazz Brothers United
   - "Favorite 2013 CD's"  
   "Favorite 2012 CD's"
   Empire Jazz Orchestra
   - Joe Barna & Sketches of Influence
    - Keith Pray - "Confluence"
    Brian Patneaude - "All Around Us"
    Yuko Kishimoto - "Songbook"
   - Michael Benedict - "Bopitude"
   - Joe Barna/Sketches of Influence  "Blow it Out" 
   - "Favorite 2011 CD's"  
"Favorite 2010 CD's"
 Jazz/Latino Inc All-Stars
    - Tribute to Jack Fragomeni
   "Favorite 2009 CD's"   
   - String of Pearls
   - Johnny Mandel - DIVA - Ann Hampton Callaway
   - Manhattan Transfer
   - Nancy Donnelly
   - Boz Scaggs
   - Willie Martinez - La Familia Sextet 
   - Empire Jazz Orchestra
   - Karrin Allyson

   - Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
   - Lee Shaw Trio - "Live at Graz"
   - Lake George Jazz Festival - 9/13/08
   - Esperanza Spalding
   - Ann Hampton Callaway
   - Dianne Reeves
   - "Favorite 2008 CD's"
   - "Favorite 2007 CD's" 
Sheila Jordan
   - Mark Murphy

Roberta Gambarini    
Jeanne O’Connor
   - Bobby Sanabria 
“Favorite 2006 CD’s”
   - Giacomo Gates
   - “Favorite All-time CD’s”

   - Sharel Cassity
   - Paula West 
- Rebecca Parris

   - Barbara Lea

   - Ella Fitzgerald

   - Sonny & Perley

- Francesca Tanksley
   - Teri Roiger
   - Linda Ciofalo
    - Marty Phillips

A Place for Jazz newsletter:
    - Rene Marie
    - Scott Hamilton (page 4)
    - Alexis Cole (page 7)

    - Joe Magnarelli "Persistence" (page 6)
    - Jackie Ryan - "Listen Here" (Page 2)
Tom Harrell (Page 2)
    - Mary Stallings (Page 6)
    - John Coltrane Poem (Page 6)
    - Freddy Cole (Page 6)
    - 100 Black Men of Albany (Page 2)
 - "Eric Alexander - Dead Center"
    - "APFJ Outdoor Outreach"
    - "Tierney Sutton Master Class"
- “Singing Instrumentalists”
    - "2007 Jazz Cruise Vocalists"
    - "Recent CD's by Capitol District Artists"
    - "Karrin Allyson Master Class"
    - “My Day with Giacomo Gates”

    - “Recent Acquisitions”

    - “2005 Jazz Cruise Vocalists”

    - “Memories of the Savoy Ballroom”

- “Upstate Swing Band”

    - Tommy Flanagan

    - Tenor saxophonists “Ballads” CD’s

- New York Voices

- Sonny & Perley

    - Larry Lewis

    - Rebecca Parris
- Colleen Pratt
    - "Capital District Jazz Scene" 


  City Cabaret Library

    - Etta Jones
- Joyce Breach

- Carol Sloane
     - Chris Connor

  Liner Notes/Other

      - Diane Linscott
     - John Menegon 
     - Joe Barna
     - Favorite 2015 Jazz Vocal CD Releases


























































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