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As with virtually all the other activities previously described, I also had never envisioned designing any of the above items, when I retired. But gradually since 2001, I found that creating them was yet another fun way to express the passion for my favorite artists and albums.

In late 2010, rather than purchasing the conventional Jazz Calendars that I'd been doing (like many Jazz fans) for decades I began designing for myself and a few close friends, one or more calendars on an annual basis, customized with photos of my favorite artists or their album covers; plus birth dates of approximately 150 artists. In addition to the ones listed below, I also did a Pierce Family album, plus several specialized ones for a few others.
    I used a Canadian website, 
 that offers a variety of styles, sizes and features at reasonable prices, with excellent customer service to guide one through the design process. Click on the links below for the image details.

     - 2011: A Place For Jazz Artists
     - 2011: Classic Jazz Albums
     - 2011: Vocal Group Harmony (Desktop version)
     - 2012: Classic Tenor Sax
     - 2012: Classic Vocal Groups (Large version 2011 Desktop)
     - 2013: Legendary Vocalists
     - 2014: Jazz Big Bands
     - 2015: Vocal Group Harmony (Same as 2011 version)
    - 2016: A Place For Jazz 30th Anniversary


I have basically used two websites (Zazzle.com and Spreadshirt.com) since 2012. Both of them have essentially been trouble-free, with reliable customer service, prompt shipping and reasonable prices.
     The only complication occasionally has been a few of my designs using photos of artists or album covers, that they have politely (and understandably) declined) due to Copyright issues. I haven't encountered any such issues with the calendars from

www.calyptic.com, probably since it's a Canadian firm.

      - Favorite Tenor Sax (Spreadshirt)
Favorite Jazz Singers (Spreadshirt)
      - Classic Vocal Groups (Spreadshirt)
      - Jazz Legends (Already designed by Zazzle.com)
      - A Place For Jazz/Whisperdome (Used Mugs & More)

       - Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra + 4  Favorite CD's)

Bumper & Window Stickers

       - A Place For Jazz side window sticker
       - Aging Jazz Dilettante Bumper Sticker
       - Jazz At Lincoln Center Orch back window sticker

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